Valentines …

In order to keep to my resolution I’m trying to establish a pattern of posting each Sunday, with the vain hope that I might even get far enough head to have a few queued up to fill the gaps when I’m travelling.

But since today is St. Valentines day I thought I’d bump my planned post (although the pictures are already up on Flickr) and say “Happy Valentines” to everyone. I hope the day finds you happy with the hand fate has dealt you.

I can’t remember a Valentines day when I wasn’t single — I’m sure there’s been one or two but they’re lost to the wasteland of my foggy memory — which gives you a good idea of how successful my relationships generally are ;). Regardless I’m not one to mope around on Valentines, I just tend to let it pass me by. It’s just never been that much of a big deal for me.

I had thought that today would be a big deal in the Philippines as they went all out on Halloween and the Christmas decorations, festivities and music went on for around six weeks. But Valentines here seems refreshingly low key, a few hearts and cupids pinned here and there, roses in the local shops, but not much more. I don’t really know why, maybe it’s just not a big deal here, the country is very family oriented so perhaps the holidays that are more aimed at children get a bigger reaction.

It does look like there’ll be fireworks as I can see them setting up on the roof of the building opposite, this is good because when they fire them from the ground it often doesn’t look like they clear the top floors of the tallest buildings before they go bang. I’m still going to make sure the windows are shut before they set them off.

As for what I’m going to do today, nothing much. I’ve foregone my traditional steak and a bottle of wine, mostly because I can’t be bothered going out to buy the steak. Although I’m still having the wine. I might fire up the second season of True Blood and start watching that. That’s my rock and roll lifestyle.

Today is also Chinese New Year, which I think is the real reason for the fireworks.

So, happy Year of the Tiger to everyone too. I was born six months too late to be a tiger, I’m a rabbit.

Expect a proper ‘something to do in the Philippines’ post next Sunday. I promise.

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