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[AutoPost] Tijuana

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

I was trying to decide between a couple of different itineraries for this trip and while I was looking online I found that around half of all the comments about Tijuana were along the lines of “Don’t go, it’s a shithole.”

Regardless, Tijuana is where I am, hopefully not being shot at, mugged, kidnapped, scammed or any of the other bad things that apparently happen here. Frankly I don’t think it’s going to be that bad, you need to experience these things once in your lifetime and it seemed a shame not to visit when I’m so close and it’s on my way (kind of) to where I’m going next. Plus it gives me the chance to cross an international border on foot, which I don’t think I’ve done before.

What to do in Tijuana? I’ve no idea. I’m barely here for 24 hours so I think I’ll just wander around, see what the place is like and try not to look too much like a tourist. I’m spending the next few weeks in Mexico so it’ll be interesting to see the comparison between the tourist trap places like Tijuana and the more off the beaten track parts of the country.

[AutoPost] San Diego

Monday, October 29th, 2007

Yay, it’s the return of the pre-written autoposts. A month with guaranteed almost regular posts hopefully reflecting something close to the reality of my holiday.

So today should see me heading from Los Angeles to San Diego. Hopefully I’ve not been broken (either physically or with stupendous amounts of booze) by Marc while he’s been showing me his pad. I might even have managed to get up a not pre-written post.

I’m only here for a couple of days and, to be honest, I’m probably going to do very little. When I’m on holiday I always feel like I should be out doing something but to be honest the two weeks leading up to this holiday have been beyond hectic and I’m going to need to recharge before the wedding next weekend and the tour afterwards.

So I’m going to do a little shopping, find some good booze and decent food and maybe go to the zoo if I fancy a busy day.

Edit: 10amWell I’m almost certainly not heading to San Diego today, I’ll probably head down early tomorrow.


Monday, October 29th, 2007

So got to California OK, got to the place I’m staying at and I’ve had a look around. No major hitches apart from it briefly looking like I’d have to reclaim and recheck my bags at Heathrow as I was flying BA and then Virgin. After some to-and-fro they managed to check my bags all the way through, and I managed to get through immigration, get my bags, get through customs and get out of the airport in under an hour. Something of a record I’m told.

Of course it couldn’t continue to go so well and yesterday the back of my throat swelled up impressively making it difficult to talk or even move without triggering my own gag reflex. Which is as pleasant as it sounds. A combination of that, jet-lag, and the heat led me to sleep from almost half of the last twenty-four hours. So having lost a day I’m rejigging my schedule a bit, hopefully it’ll all make more sense as things move on although it may mean that I’ll have to skip spending any time in Tijuana.

My throats feeling a bit more normal today, so I’m off into LA to do the tourist thing.

Out of the frying pan …

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

Well, I’m off tomorrow. And it’s been a busy couple of weeks, I’m actually quite looking forward having a ‘travel’ day where I’ll not really have to do very much but sit around and read. I was getting pretty frazzled on the lead up to this trip but doing the final packing last night everything just kinda ‘fell into place’. It reminds me that I’m always a bit stressed before a holiday, however once I’m away I can pretty much deal with whatever crops up, because by that point I’ve no other choice.

And it looks like a few things might crop up, considering a fair bit of the area along the route I’m following for the first week is pretty much on fire and places I’m going through for the last two weeks are frequently hit by hurricanes. When you think about it it kinda puts my concerns about my bathroom into perspective, at least I don’t need to worry about my home being flattened, flooded or fried by forces of nature while I’m away.

Anyway, expect updates as and when I can get them up. I’m going out tonight and I’m leaving early tomorrow so I’m not even going to bother checking my e-mail before I leave, if I there’s something I haven’t done then it’s not getting done. It can wait a month.

Just because you’re paranoid …

Friday, October 19th, 2007

… doesn’t mean you’re wrong.


Maybe I spoke too soon yesterday. Today I went home for lunch, partly because it’s easier to do shopping at lunchtime and partly because I’m paranoid about the bathroom.

Apparently I’ve good cause to be. Just as I was leaving to go back to work I heard the dreaded sound of dripping. Yup, my bathroom ceiling slowly getting damper. Again.

I couldn’t get anyone to answer the door upstairs until after work, and we looked under their bath and it was depressingly dry. Running a bath and emptying it showed no leaks, but there had clearly been a fair amount of water run down my wall.

Throughout my continuing bathroom fiasco I’ve been fairly upbeat, annoyingly finding the positive spin on everything, but it’s starting to wear on me now. For the first time I’ve had to consider what I’d do if I can’t get everything sorted by the time I’m due to go away. I’m not seriously considering changing my holiday plans but the idea of having to has moved from the not-a-chance box to the almost-certainly-not-going-to-happen box.

I’ve had to wonder what would I do if I wake up on the morning of my flights and there’s water cascading down my walls, how much would changing my flights cost, would that be covered by my insurance.

However, things are looking up. Upstairs dude found another potential source of the water that ties with everything (a leak in the bath that would only show up if water was left sitting in the bath) and I’ve had myself a nice steak and chips (the benefit of shopping at lunchtime is decent steak). My do-before-I-leave list is almost done, as is the bottle of wine I opened to go with the steak.

Back to the positive upbeat outlook then.

Six days until I’m on holiday.

Packing, Paranoia and Zombie Dogs?

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

I’ve been putting off packing for my holiday mostly because the pile of stuff to go clearly doesn’t fit in the bag I have.

Normally I’d don’t take much stuff but since I’m going to a wedding whilst I’m away I need to take a full kilt outfit. Of course I could just put it in a suit bag and take it separately but I’m joining a tour after the wedding and I’m really limited to one bag. Fortunately it does look like it’ll all fit, with some work and some tweaking.

And if not there’s always plan B: duct tape the suit bag to my ruck sack and claim that it’s all one bag …

Life is complicated by the fact I keep investigating anything that sounds like dripping water, of course it’s just the normal sounds my flat but I’m a bit paranoid. Every shadow on the ceiling looks like a new waterstain and I just can’t help thinking that the first thing I’m going to find when I come back is my new bathroom ceiling collapsed in bits in the bath.

So, to take my mind off all of this, I went to see Resident Evil: Extinction. What can I say? It’s not high quality cinema, but it knows exactly what it is and delivers on all counts. A Perfect Popcorn Movie as one of the imdb reviews says. And it’s got Milla Jovovich being all superpowered and kicking ass. What more could you want?


Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

I’ll take “Sounds” for 100 please.

This is the sound you don’t want to hear when the plumbing in your bathroom has been redone

Ah, easy “What is dripping water?”


My builder has just described my bathroom as “the Bermuda Triangle of bathrooms” due to all of the issues I keep having.

Turns out it was the upstairs neighbours leaking again and I probably caught it in enough time that I can let it dry out and we’ll be fine. However the guys that came in to check had some issues with plastering so now it looks like that might need touched up too.

The funny thing is, if you read this site you’d think my bathroom has been a bit of a fiasco but I’ve not posted about several of the major issues I’ve had as I pretty much lost the will to care about it several weeks back.


Ten days until I’m on holiday.


Monday, October 8th, 2007

Should have done a few of these recently but I got a bit swamped over the summer, chances are I’ll only do one more wrap up at the end of the year.

People Visited: 20 (4) [July: 18/4]
Places Visited: 11 (3) [July: 8/2]
Countries Visited: 6 (2) [July: 6/2]

To be honest I would have done most of the same things over summer regardless of the resolution, and the same is probably true for the holiday I’ve got coming up. Perhaps it was too vague a resolution, or maybe just too easy. Or maybe I should make an effort in the last few months.

See the January post for the details and the rules.