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Progress …

Wednesday, February 28th, 2007

Progress time again:

People Visited: 11 (2) [Jan: 5/1]
Places Visited: 5 (2) [Jan: 2/1]
Countries Visited: 5 (2) [Jan: 2/1]

Again the numbers in brackets are ‘new’ people/places/countries (see the rules below). February has been a nice busy month a lot of travelling and visiting people, so much that I’m exhausted and poor at the moment. It’s a great start to my resolution but it’s going to drop off now in March and April.

The rules (to keep me honest).
For places and countries the numbers are the number of unique places/countries I’ve been so far this year. The number in brackets indicates the places/countries I’ve never been before. Passing through somewhere due to connecting flights or transfers doesn’t count. For people it’s the number of people I’ve travelled to visit (counting people in Edinburgh only if I make the effort to visit their home). The number in brackets are people I didn’t visit last year and/or would have been unlikely to visit this year if I hadn’t made a resolution to do so. Partners and family members don’t count extra unless I know them separately and “accidents” don’t count, I have to be deliberately going to see the person.

Bad Idea in Berlin

Monday, February 26th, 2007

Pub Crawl?

Free Beer?

Free Vodka Shots All Night?

With my reputation?

None of that is that a bad idea, in fact I think the New Berlin Pub Crawl is a fantastic idea, good value and great fun.

The bad idea was that Absinthe. After which it’s all a bit … hazy … dark …

Best in Class

Monday, February 19th, 2007

It’s been a fun weekend so far, dotting around London, meeting up with friends, eating and drinking. Emphasis on the drinking.

I’ve discovered a couple of gems, first possibly the best club in London, Feeling Gloomy, from the site:

The UKs only club night that brings you the saddest, most melancholy music known to man.

Which is probably not the best advert for a club but it works remarkably well, lots of fun music with melancholy as a general theme and a mixed crowd that seemed to be really enjoying themselves. Well worth checking out, even if it does have an annoying dude taking photos for the website. Yes, you can find us in the set from last Saturday.

The second gem was Hot Fuzz which was fantastic, so much so that I almost don’t mind forking out £13 for the privilege of seeing it in a swanky Leicester Square cinema. The film is pretty much what every action comedy should aim for, they’ve well and truly raised the bar I’ll be interested to see what they do to top it.

Off to attempt to find something cultured to do for the afternoon, and tomorrow onward to Berlin.

Off travellin’

Thursday, February 15th, 2007

I’m off travelling again tomorrow, London, Berlin and then Oslo to see Dave.

After my last trip I’m going to attempt to do it all with carry-on bags and online check-in. In theory I should breeze through the airports. In practice my bag is just inside the size guidelines (which are smaller at Stanstead for some reason) so it might be … interesting.

In any case I expect there to be even fewer posts than normal over the next ten days or so.

Hopefully I’ll have something to post about when I get back.

But don’t count on it.


Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

Due to some spectacular overindulgence on Saturday I was forced to spend Sunday on the couch moaning softly.

But every hangover has a silver lining, and yesterday I stumbled upon the repeat of ITVs new prime-time Saturday night Sci Fi drama Primeval (noisy and complex Flash site warning). Since I’d dimly heard of it and had meant to check it out, and because changing the channels was dangerously energetic for my fragile state, I watched it.

I’ve only seen one episode but it’s really rather good. The premise, random ‘rips’ in time open joining the modern day to ancient times (with assorted CGI dinosaurs and monsters), is simple but should allow them to do quite interesting things. Add to that the mystery of the disappearance of the lead characters wife and some heavy-handed government involvement and you’ve got a nice little Sci-Fi show.

It looks like everything that Torchwood (also a noisy flash site) should’ve been. Of course they’ll probably screw it up by episode three but at least they started out well.


Friday, February 9th, 2007

I’ve finally finished uploading the bulk of my pictures to the site, almost every digital picture I have is now available on the gallery page. I say ‘almost’ because I’ve already taken a bunch more but they’ll probably get added when I’m back from my next jaunt.

There’s a lot of pictures there, and they go back a long way. There are gaps where I don’t have digital photos although some are actually scans of my prints. There are still piles of pictures that I haven’t scanned yet. I’ve resisted the temptation to remove anything so a fair few are naff, strange, or embarrassing. There’s also whole strips where I’m trying to get a particular shot or I’m just playing around, including a sequence where I’m trying to take pictures of myself via various methods.

The picture viewer is still pretty scrappy but it works for the most part, and it should make it easy to skip through all the duplicates. I’ve started filtering out good shots for uploading to flickr but it’ll take a while. I’m easily distracted.


Thursday, February 8th, 2007

February 7th:

Britain is today (February 7) bracing itself for blizzards that are predicted to sweep across the country, but those with flights over the coming days have been reassured that they should not face any disruption.

“No disruption whatsoever is expected at any BAA airports,” a spokesman confirmed. Airports controlled by BAA include Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southampton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen.

February 8th:

Air passengers around the country are facing disruption today, as several airports have closed their runways and others are predicting severe delays.


Snow. In Britain. In Winter. Who’d have thunk it.