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Distractions …

Thursday, May 31st, 2007

You’d think the lack of posts would mean I’ve been busy … but no, just lazy and easily distracted.

Of course that’s only going to get worse as now Big Brother is back on our screens. This year they’ve filled the house (initally at least) with just women, there’s quite a lot of girly screaming going at the moment, it could get quite grating. It actually seems a nice mix of people this year so it might be quite watchable but we’ll have to see what happens when they start sending the men in.

I’ve also been playing a fair bit of poker recently, I’m going to give a quick plug to The Nuts Poker League which is a pub poker league. It’s free to enter and I was quite worried about the sort of people it’d attract but it gets quite a good crowd and it’s actually good fun. If you’ve got a game near you then it’s worth checking out.

It did strike me the other day that poker might be the bingo of my generation. Perhaps in the future the youngsters will be doing something different and scoffing that their parents are “off to the poker again”.

Better than nothing …

Monday, May 14th, 2007

Couple of links in place of a decent post …

First various subway systems around the world, all reduced to just the overview and shown at the same scale. It’s a pretty cool overview and you can guess where stuff has evolved and where’s it’s been planned in advance.

And, here’s a nice little blog considering What if…, I particularly like Doggie Dinners and I can’t believe it’s not Glastonbury.

Deep fried snow

Thursday, May 3rd, 2007

I saw the headline “Snowflakes promise faster chips” in BBC News and immediately assumed they where going to use snow flakes to make the process of cooking chips faster. The article was about computer chips, of course.

You’d think the ten years working with computers would’ve managed to displace the ‘fried food’ definition of chip from the top of my mind. Or perhaps the stupidity of deep frying snow might have been a hint. But no. Food first it seems. And that’s after lunch.

Bonus Link: Virtual Dog Walking Arcade Machine

Don’t forget to vote if you’re in the UK.

Progress …

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

How’s my new years resolution coming along …

People Visited: 15 (2) [Apr: 15/2]
Places Visited: 7 (2) [Apr: 6/2]
Countries Visited: 6 (2) [Apr: 5/2]

… still not great. The Moscow trip pretty much wiped out my free time this month. But the point of doing these posts is to highlight (mostly to myself) how I’m doing and to inspire me to do better in the upcoming months.

See the January post for the details and the rules.