Getting around

Well I finally got out of Manila for a day, we had a few visitors in the office so some of the guys took them and me to Subic. It was an excellent day and I’m going to write more about a couple of the places we went later I’ve sorted the pictures out.

It did highlight a couple of things, first travelling with a guide is invaluable. I’d been planning to go to Subic on my own and I’m glad I didn’t — it would have taken a weekend just to work out where everything was and even knowing where we were going we got lost several times. Now I know where everything is I feel comfortable going back on my own, and since I’ve done the tourist stuff I’ll not feel bad lying on a beach for the day and sitting in casino all night.

Secondly, I was glad there was a crowd of us. I could have gone to the places we did on my own but it would have been a lot less fun. I think I might write another post about travelling on my own in Manila. and I’m coming to accept that I’ll be doing most of my travelling along.

But there’s one final thing I realised during the trip, and that is that having a car would be really handy. Seeing all the signposts and roads leading to little villages, beaches, and resorts made me realise how much easier it would be to get around if I had my own transport. Sure I could get around using buses but it sacrifices a lot of freedom, I’d need to check timetables and plan journeys in advance. Having my own transport would give me the chance to change my mind on a whim.

The Philippines is a big bunch of islands, so there’s a limit to how far you can go in a on land, but I live on the largest island and there’s plenty to explore. So for the first time in many years I’m seriously considering getting a car.

Be afraid motorists of Manila. Be very afraid.

Although, frankly, the motorists of Manila are all mentalists it might just be me that needs to worry.

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