And so I find myself back in Edinburgh, for six weeks or so.

My calendar is already full to bursting, with every weekend spoken for.

I’m trying to do two jobs, and attempting to schedule workmen and various deliveries around my early morning calls back to the Manila office.

Add to that the various visitors and house guests I’ll have over April and the whole thing just turns into madness.

No wonder my body has given up and decided to give in to some nasty cold bug. Also no wonder that updates to this site have been non-existent.

Still, it’s all under control, planned and organised chaos, just the way I like it. Despite work doing their best to throw a spanner in the works by sending me to China for Easter weekend (I said no).

That’s about that, I’ve no idea when I’ll find time to write any more but I’ll leave you with this final bit of housekeeping.

This website has no wish to indulge in an extended ham-slapping with any other websites so I choose not respond to his thrown gauntlet with a surcial strike.

I will respond with a blanket bombing of barbarous baconisty: The Baconcyclopedia.

Hock and Claw!

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    point taken!

    I yeild