The Great British Public …

… are idiots.

There’s been years I’ve been disappointed by the winner of (Celebrity) Big Brother. This year is the first in time in ages that I’ve been surprised by the order that the final five leave in.

Was the rest of the country watching the same show I was? Everyone that voted for the winner should take time to experience what they’re feeling, remember it — that’s what it feels like to be wrong.

Ah well, I’ve just finished a kick-ass steak (with broccoli and blue-cheese sauce) and I’ve got a full glass of wine.

I’ll cope.

One Response to “The Great British Public …”

  1. DaveC Says:

    Why are they wrong? Because they didn’t agree with you?

    Its a popularity contest. It doesn’t even have the technical side of ballroom dancing or ice skating or singing as an excuse to kick people off.

    You should just be happy you got two out of the final three, better than you normally do 😉

    This should keep you busy when you’re away …