When I find something on the web I never know if everyone’s already seen it and I’m just late to the party. If that’s the case now I wish someone had mentioned OpenStreetMap before now.

I’m a fan of Google Maps but it does lack detailed coverage of some bits of the world, in particular Manila. I’ve discovered that some parts are quite well covered by OpenStreetMap so I can now provide a decent link to a Manila Map. I can even embed a close up of ‘Eastwood City’ the tiny development where the Manila office is:

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I couldn’t even find that on a printed map so I’m pretty impressed, zoom out a bit to get an idea of the scale of the place.

I’ve also put a few extra links in the sidebar, just pointers to a few blogs written by people I know and some other interesting places.

If you’re really bored you can see the full list of blogs I’m subscribed to on the Links Page this is automatically generated so you should see the results of my on-going sorting and spring cleaning.

4 Responses to “Links”

  1. Bink Says:

    I came across this other day as well for the first time when I was looking for how to cycle out to Ratho to go for a climb.

    People have added most of the cycle networks in the UK which is not something that is available anywhere online – you need to buy physical maps. Pretty cool stuff.

  2. Eugene Says:

    Hey, I’m glad you like the OpenStreetMap of Eastwood City. I did most of that. I’ve been contributing to OpenStreetMap since 2007 and I find it addicting. And since I work in Eastwood City, it’s only natural that I try to map it the best that I can. 🙂 (It still needs continuous improvement though; Megaworld is continually building new things!)

  3. maning Says:

    Here’s our best pick of well-mapped areas in the Philippines for 2008:

    I hope we get more data added this year.

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