Celebrity Big Brother 2009

Time for a fluff post to start 2009, I almost summoned up the energy to live-blog the Celebrity Big Brother launch show, I’m kinda glad I didn’t.

Brief thoughts and predictions after the jump in case you haven’t seen it yet (and care that much).

Arrgh, Tommy fuckin’ Sheridan. Arrrgh. Let it go man, slink into the shadows, did you learn nothing from George “would you like me to be the cat” Galloway?

Hmmm, apart from Tommy it’s not a bad mix, it might be quite fun.

Tommy’s out first obviously, Verne has a lot of crowd support and is already the bookies pick but I’ve read some stuff on the web (so take that for what it’s worth) that Verne isn’t a particularly nice person in reality so I don’t think he’ll last to the end.

The final three are probably Coolio, Terry and Tina and I’m going to go out on a limb and say Coolio wins. Of the other likely candidates I think Ulrika is too polarizing and Ben is too unknown to last.

Anyone stupid or drunk enough to be considering putting their money on my picks should be warned that I have never picked the winner on the first night and most years I’m still backing the wrong one on the last night too.

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