Some updates …

There is very little new information regarding the recent employment bombshell. We’re following the government procedure for these things and following it at a glacial pace. It’ll be Friday at the earliest before we have any more information and even then the consultation period will probably keep us all in limbo for another month. I’m ignoring it and pursuing some interesting leads, I need to get my CV up to date. 

I’ve returned to the land of the loner, having lost my flatmate over the weekend. So I now have to play the lifesize equivalent of one of those slide puzzles where I shift all my furniture around to create enough space to redecorate the bits that need done. Still, it’s all looking possible. 

Before the decorating (but after the CV updating) I need to do some planning for my (probably) final holiday this year as next week sees me head off to the furthest away parts of the EU. 

All of this is a roundabout way of saying that posting may be a bit light over the next month or so. I’ll try not to leave a multi-month gap but we’ll see.

I should have some job losing/hunting info once I get back from my hols and there’s still a ton of outstanding country posts but I’m way behind with my photos.

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