Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt. II

Just because you’re paranoid, it doesn’t mean everyone’s not out to get you …

Earlier this week there was a low key e-mail saying that our division boss would be ‘passing through’ Edinburgh and holding a meeting.

Today he arrived as advertised, along with the HR dude (locally known as ‘the reaper in a fat suit’*) and some other dude. All the managers where sucked into a meeting, the long faces did not bode well.

And the news is not good.

The Edinburgh office is scheduled for closure (well it’s a ‘proposal’ but it’s almost certainly a done deal).

I don’t think anyone in the office really expected that.

I responded to the news by getting hammered, as I do. I still am.

I’ve had a ‘Plan B’ that I’ve been working on since my last ‘Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt’ post, so I’m now swinging that into action. I’d have liked a few more months to settle into the plan, but a little push is never a bad thing …

I’ve no idea how the next month or three will pan out, hopefully I’ll be able to keep my loyal 😉 readers updated.

May you live in interesting times …

(*no-one really calls him that, yet)

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  1. John Says:

    I do. 😉