I’ve uploaded some new banners, they look like they’re working but there’s always a chance than you’ll get a broken image instead of a header. Feel free to leave a comment pointing out I’m an idiot if that happens. There are thirteen different countries in the rotation now (fourteen banners as Belgium got two) so I’m seven posts behind the banners.

In addition the site may go a bit ‘creaky’ without warning as I’m on the list to be upgraded to the new Dreamhost server system (there’s some info on their slightly over the top blog.)

Nothing to do with being carbon neutral and more to do with them bribing people with unlimited storage and bandwidth for offering to make the switch first.

One Response to “Creaky”

  1. Marc Says:

    What costitutes an ‘over the top blog’? One that gives more than one post every 3 months? 🙂