Not Dead

Nope, I’m not dead, I’ve just been stupidly busy. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on top of things in a few weeks. I’m not returning to put the boot into edfringe (who, after finally managing to sell some tickets, screwed up the printing of them).

I’m here to post a quick reality check about The Dark Knight. The four word version: The Dark Knight Sucks.

OK, I didn’t think it sucked it’s a good movie with some excellent parts that’s been completely over-hyped and thinks it’s far cleverer than it actually is. A bit more after the jump, no real spoilers but you might not want to let my evaluation colour your judgement.

It’s a film about chaos but the plot relies on everyone doing reacting to everything in exactly the right way. There’s no flexibility, it’s all pre-programmed.

It’s a film that’s trying to be about moral ambiguity but forgot to really include any. Bad guys (that’s the scared, bearded and masked ones in case you were confused) do immoral things, good guys (all the good looking ones) do good things. If a good guy tries to do something immoral something intervenes to prevent him.

It’s a film that thinks it’s ballsy but doesn’t in the end it always plays safe when it gets too edgy.

It’s a film set in a realistic world that throws realism out the window when it suits it’s needs (and then breaks the laws of physics to catch it again before it hits the ground).

It’s a film that imposes technical limitations on itself at the start, and then deploys the most technically unsound doodah in history of cinema* in the finale, mostly because they think it looks cool. And they don’t even use it very effectively.

It’s also half an hour too long.

Maybe I caught it on a bad day, maybe a cinema peppered with utter wankers didn’t help, maybe I knew too much going in.

Maybe I’m just a grouch.

:: sigh ::

*this may be an exaggeration

2 Responses to “Not Dead”

  1. Andrew Says:

    you say your not dead, but you’ve not posted ANYTHING more since July.

    Your not dead, but you do fail!

    L – O – S – E – R

  2. Marc Says:

    Just had to check your homepage in case the rss feed was broken, but no its not, you really have only made 1 post in over 3 months.

    Still, it seems that writing nothing gets you more comments than otherwise.