Tired and Cranky (plus why edfringe sucks again)

So I’m back from my latest trip, visiting the Baltic and Nordic states.

My feet and legs hurt from too much walking, and I opted to go straight into work from the airport this morning*. Ugh.

Still I enjoyed the trip, it’s been blues skies and sunshine all they way (apart from today when it rained this morning on my way to the airport). I’ll try and post some brief thoughts soon and full posts for countries when I can. This might take a while because I’ve checked my diary and it’s looking like I might only have one free night in the next two weeks.

And finally, it’s that time again, has edfringe.com pulled its socks up this year ?

No, they haven’t:

All website, telephone and counter sales have been suspended until we are able to resolve the problems we are having with our computer system.

Worse they seem to have pulled the entire listings offline, so you can’t even browse and note stuff to buy later. I guess I’ll have to resort to an old-fashioned paper copy for the third year in a row.

I can’t wait to see how the screw it up next year.

*I was so tired and cranky I even screwed up this post so it was in the sidebar yesterday instead of in the main page so that’s actually yesterday.

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