A so another week begins, and I stagger my groggy, slightly hungover, self into work.

But what’s this? There’s something on everyone’s desk.

A present from the gods of corporate? What a fabulous way to start the week!

I contemplate the gift for a bit, what can it be? It’s a small grey package in some sort of plastic sleeve, about the size of a pack of cards but half the thickness. The company logo is prominently displayed across the front.

Maybe it’s set of business cards, a crisp twenty pound note, a name badge, a little metal ingot or a voucher for something-or-other.

Perhaps it’s just a little card from the high heid yins saying “thanks for the hard work.”

No, it’s none of the above.

It’s a lens cleaning cloth.


Now we can all have our own personal cloth to polish our lens to our hearts content.

And it’s branded, just so we know who’s paid for that gleaming shine.

The little plastic sleeve it came in is arguably more useful than the cloth itself.

Fabulous use of the companies money there guys!

Corporate Wankers.

I’m tempted to blow my nose with it.

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