Everything’s coming up SpaceDog!

I’ve had a good few days, first my bathroom is almost finished, hopefully I’ll be able to post the full saga shortly.

Also my collection of shiny things has grown:

PlayStation 3

It’s the PlayStation 3 that’s new, the iPod just crept into the photo because it was jealous. I’ve only played with it briefly but it’s a pretty damn good machine, it’s insanely easy to set up and it’s now happily talking to the Internet and streaming stuff from my server via the magic of TVersity. It’s the 60Gb model (off eBay) so it plays old PS2 games although I have to get a converter if I want to grab my old data off the old memory cards.

That’s not all, over the weekend I won a raffle, netting me both a hamper of Mexican goodies and tasting menu for two at Le Trois Garcons. Spot on.

Finally I played a nice friendly game of poker at the weekend. I won. I won even when I was trying to lose.

It’s been a good weekend.

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