But not wiser

If I’d have become wiser with age then I’d know that spending twelve hours drinking in the sunshine will not do wonders for your head the following morning.

I’d also have known not to try the same thing again (with less sunshine and more roast lamb) the next day. Not if I wanted work today to be a pleasant experience.

I’d also have been sensible enough not to leave my wallet in a taxi.

But that’s how it goes.

It was an excellent weekend even with the hangovers and lack of wallet. And I least I didn’t lose my wallet at a point where it was full of tickets as it had been the night before.

My recollection of the shows is a bit vague so nothing more than a thumbs up for Kirsten O’Brien — who is worth seeing if you’re around at the right time. And a thumbs down for Nick Doody who never really caught my attention.

Off to a few more tonight, we’ll see how those go.

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