Today marks the start of my 33rd year on the planet (making me 32 to save you thinking it through). You might expect that to have some effect on me, but no. I’ve pretty much ignored the relentlessly ticking clock of age since my mid-twenties. When people ask how old I am my mind thinks “around 24” while my brain desperately tries to work out what the right answer is.

Still, it’s a good excuse for a piss up. So I’m off to see what’s on at the festival.

Just to reassure you that being a year older hasn’t changed me, here’s a bonus edfringe.com rant. From the edfringe.com terms and conditions here:

Before providing a link to our site you must seek our permission. To do this, email Louise with details of the URL to which you wish to link and the URL of the page on which you will be displaying the link. We do not permit the display of our web pages in any html frame unless we have expressly authorised this.

What. The. Fuck?

You idiots. You’re supposed to be making it easier for people to link to your site, you want more visitors, even if the site is worse than last year.

Listen edfringe.com here’s a online-sales basic principal for you: You want to encourage links. As Yoda might say “links lead to traffic, traffic leads to ticket sales and ticket sales lead to profit”.

Even ignoring the monumental stupidity, and the complete unenforceability, of that clause it’s just not how the world wide web works. World wide web. It’s a web. With links. You twats.

Fortunately people either don’t know about the clause (I didn’t until festbitch bitched about it) or everyone ignores it. Or maybe everyone else already e-mailed and asked permission.

But I didn’t. Fuck ’em.

I will monitor my mailboxes, both real and virtual, with glee whilst awaiting my cease-and-desist letter.

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