Weekend away …

It’s been a interesting, if somewhat hectic weekend.

I’ve not really got a lot to say about Dublin, I wandered around visited Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral and learnt a wee bit of viking history. All good places to go, and cheaper than comparable places I’ve been to elsewhere. It does remind me how little I know of both the ancient and recent history of the British Isles. There are, as expected, lots of pubs — but a fair few of them were very much your new style commercial chain pub rather than the old style boozer I was looking for. I found a few to my liking tho’ — not sure I’ll be able to find any of them again.

The travel was interesting, thanks largely to the stinking hangover I had flying out on the Saturday. This was thanks to this fiend:

and his birthday bash. Happy birthday drunken Cyberman!

I’m pleased to say airline security doesn’t seem to be holding stuff up much any more, no one more than glanced at my carefully bagged tube of toothpaste. I flew back — with less of a hangover, but early enough to have me up and about at 5am — on the Monday and actually made it into work earlier than I normally would have. Which is pretty impressive since I started the day in another country.

I wonder how far away I can wake up and still get to work on time …

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