It’s quarter to one in the morning. I’m sitting in a kitchen/living room, there at least five other computers running in this room, I’ve not sure what’s running in the other rooms.

I’m at a LAN Party (heh, wikipedia scores again). We’re not as bad as you might expect, there’s a significant amount of booze being drunk and we’ve not set off any geek alarms yet (although me posting this form here might just tip it over…)

Hopefully we’ll manage to make all our various brands of supposedly compatible technology talk to each other shortly, at which point I’m likely to get my ass handed to me in some game or other. Until then I’ll just get myself slowly happy on vodka and Bru …

One Response to “Techcrunch”

  1. Marco Says:

    Wow, networking computers in the same room. That surely is cutting edge stuff.

    Maybe next time you could trying connecting computers in entirely different rooms, even buildings perhaps even cities or countries. You would have to have some kind of inter-network type thing.

    Surely just a dream……..