Punch it in …

Well I’m back, and work looms tomorrow. Three days ago I was looking forward to coming back, but now I would gladly take another week in Hong Kong. That place is mental, in a good way.

I’ve disappeared all the automatic posts as I didn’t like the clutter on the front page, they’ll be back in the archives in a bit. I’ll be posting my thoughts about the trip and the places I’ve been over the next few weeks, once I’ve decided how to split it up. There’ll be photos just as soon as I’ve had a chance to sort through them. I wouldn’t expect to many posts for the next week as I’ve got a fair amount of stuff to catch up on.

To everyone in Edinburgh I’ve either seen you already or probably will do before you read this, hopefully there’s some interesting news to take my mind off work.

To my fellow Vodkatrainers and my other friends in far flung places, look after yourselves, have fun and stay in touch, leave a comment and taunt the working hordes with tales of whatever sun soaked beach you’re lazing on this week.

One Response to “Punch it in …”

  1. Derry Says:

    Hey colin. I feel your pain! Living and working in a land that sells beer 20 times more expensive than China couoldn’t be easy! Were in Bangkok right now avoiding ladyboys! haven’t made the beach yet but we’re working on it. Live is good! Catch you in Edinburgh in due course!