Sad Panda

I’m going to leave the last Guangzhou post for the moment, but it’s not strictly true as I’ve finally deviated from the original plan.

I opted to spend a couple of extra nights in Beijing with the majority of the Vodkatrain group, and then fly directly to Guangzhou for a night before leaving for Hong Kong. This meant we got a have a couple of really good days and nights in Beijing before leaving and I’m glad I opted to stay.

But it made me a bit of a sad panda yesterday when I realised that the tour was over and I was leaving some great people behind, in fact this morning I woke up confused — wondering if I’d forgotten what time I was meeting everyone until I remembered that I wasn’t any more. It’s quite bizarre because I thought I’d be quite glad to be back on my own and able to explore at my leisure but it’s been a lot more of a shock than I expected.

Add that to the fact that this marks the last leg of my trip and real life looms on the horizon plus my rejigged travel plans gave me less than 24 hours in Guangzhou means that all in all yesterday was a bit of a write off. With hindsight I should’ve scratched Guangzhou and just taken the overnight to Hong Kong but at least I can say I’ve been here and I’ve now taken a ferry across the Pearl River at night. I don’t have much else to say about the place, it’s very industrial in look and feel and not nearly as ‘buzzing’ as other places I’ve been. I failed to find any of Guangzhous famous restaurants or the nightlife I’d read about, perhaps more time and research would have turned up more interesting places to go. It is stupidly hot here, walking out of any air conditioned building is like walking into a sauna — it’s not like Las Vegas where the night time is actually quite pleasant because the humidity is still so high.

I take the train to Hong Kong in a couple of hours, I expect it’ll be stupidly hot too but at least I’m based there for a good few nights so I’ll have time to have a look around and see the place.

Posted from Guangzhou, under time contraints with no spell check.

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