Busy Week

It’s Thursday, I’m knackered and I’m only half way through my stupidly busy week. In the last post I said:

… maybe I’m just being particularly fickle this year as I’ve not really liked all that much I’ve seen.

Or maybe not, this week has marked a notable turn around in shows.

First, Regina Spektor at the Liquid Room on Monday. She was great, as always, I’m notably naff at describing music gigs so I’m not going to really try. Worth seeing.

Tuesday was supposed to be my quiet night but a ticket for Russell Brand — a show I really wanted to see — fell into my lap. Russell’s not quite how I expected him to be in the flesh but he puts on a brilliant show, it’s probably the funniest hour I’ve seen at this years festival. I’d say it’s well worth catching but it looks like he’s cancelled the rest of the run due to laryngitis. He did sound a bit rough when I saw him.

The streak of good shows continued in style with the Dresden Dolls at the Spiegel Tent who were fantastic, even better than the last time I saw them I think. Go see them if you get the chance, blame me if it you hate it (but that’s unlikely).

So tonight Muse get to try and round off the week with a bang, and them I’m off to Oslo to visit elvis_chimney for the weekend. Hopefully I’ll manage to make it back in one piece — and not too poor — for the start of next week.

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