Superman Returns

I saw Superman Returns on Monday. It’s tremendous, everything I wanted from a new Superman movie. If you haven’t already then go see it, it’s well worth it.

I’ve no idea why Dead Mans Chest did so much better at the box office because, between the two movies, Superman is a far better film. It’s not that Pirates 2 was a bad film, but it has some major flaws like the length and the sketchy plot. In comparison Superman earns most of it’s two and half hour running time, the ending dragged a bit, but it’s the only part of the film that did. The plot is enough to keep the film going without over complicating things and the special effects manage to be spectacular without ever looking fake or overshadowing the story. The shuttle disaster sequence, in particular, is fantastic and it works brilliantly. The rest of film is littered with special effects but at the time I didn’t really notice, they just seemed ‘natural’ in the context of the movie which is a huge achievement.

The film’s not perfect but I’m not going to pick at it’s flaws, you can get that elsewhere. I’ll remember what I liked and be glad there’s been at least one film this summer I’ve really enjoyed. I’ll leave you with a couple of (spoiler filled) links both of which make points I broadly agree with, first a look at the some of the flaws from Phil Plait at Bad Astronomy, and here’s Harry Knowles raving about the film over at Ain’t It Cool News.

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