We all make mistakes …

Well it might not be due to a mistake but the site’s been up and down all weekend due to some file server sanfu at dreamhost. I recall my on-call support days and so I don’t really envy them working all weekend with a server that’s eating disks for no discernible reason.

I also make mistakes, six weeks ago, I said:

So, instead of that post, you get a Big Brother prediction.

Overall Winner: Nikki. Yes. Really. Not saying that’s who I’d like to win, but it’s what’ll happen. Just wait and see.

Well that was clearly wrong. I’d revise my predication but it’s all too tediously obvious now. I doubt that’ll stop me watching but then I may be a little addicted to it.

We shouldn’t feel bad, even nature makes mistakes, it forgot to colour in half this lobster.

One Response to “We all make mistakes …”

  1. Moron Says:

    Maybe not ‘clearly wrong’. Confucious say, ‘Never admit answer is wrong until you know the correct answer’.