England win the World Cup …

of pies.

They took the trophy with a traditional steak and ale pie. Although it’s seems slightly unfair to win a world cup based on pie sales from an outlet that only sells in England. Some of the other pie fillings sound good, kangaroo in merlot, beef stroganoff, or chicken with plantains would all make a tasty pie.

I’m forced to wonder what pie Scotland would field if they made the next world cup (stop laughing, they might). I guess the obvious would be a traditional scotch pie, or haggis, neeps and tatties, although haggis in whisky sauce might make a better filling. You could go a more eccentric route, cullen skink pie, arbroath smokie pie, or maybe porridge pie.

Hmmm, it might be worth actually trying some of them but it’s far too hot to have the oven on.

Perhaps I’ll have a pie party when the weather cools down … fear my freakish fillings.

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