Things To Do …

Win Stuff. Ewan’s stuff to be precise, Paypal him a fiver, get random stuff in return. I’ll let you know what I get.

Watch TV. T in the Park for instance. The BBC are flexing their extra channels with a ton of coverage this year. Look out for me. I’ll be the drunk Scotsman.

Be Anonymous. With your very own black bar.

Make Art. with toast. Originally on this site, which has some pretty … eh … interesting other stuff on it.

Send a Message. in a bottle.

Watch More TV. Particularly the last episode of Baby Mindreader next Monday, which should be stunning if he continues to up the ante from this week (yes, I watched it again). See what he can come up with to top literally bursting into tears whilst ‘channelling’ a two-year old’s fear of growing up.

Get a Widget. From Widgetoko.

Find More To Read. Amuse yourself by searching Google News for classic phrases such as “politcal correctness gone mad“, or “sick as a parrot“. Make an RSS feed of them and add them to your news reader. Share your phrases and stories — my favourite: Bonnyrigg Primary renames classes ‘1a’ and ‘1b’ so the bs don’t feel second best. Idiots.

Take a Step. The longest journey begins with a single step …

Credit to Slashfood, Ben Werdmuller, and Defamer. This post 98% filler. May contain hints of future postings. Written in an facility that handles nuts. Enjoy your weekend everyone.

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