Dining in darkness, revisited …

Quick update to the pitch black restaurant that I mentioned earlier. Fraser from blogjam went there and has a review up on his site:

Dans Le Noir is a truly interesting experience in sensory deprivation, but the grub is underwhelming and bland. The restaurant would probably argue that because you’re denied sight, your other senses compensate and you appreciate the food in new and pleasurable ways, but this simply isn’t true: your senses are jumping all over the place, trying to adjust to an environment they’ve not experienced before, and it becomes altogether impossible to concentrate on the flavour.

It’s well worth hoping over to read the full review, even if just for the pictures. I’m a bit disappointed but not terribly surprised, the place really said ‘gimmick’ to me and I wasn’t sure the food would live up to the promise. Chances are I’ll still go try it out if I find myself with a free night in London.

And since this is a food related post I can’t resist throwing in these plates. (Via An Obsession with Food.)

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