Getting out the house …

Wow, I’ve got really bad at this web thing lately. In my defence I’ve had a few things on and I’ve been tinkering with some other sites (if don’t already know about the other site you’re probably not interested, trust me).

I am on a bit of a quest to do something beside veg in front of a computer and/or a TV. I made strides in that direction last night by going to see The Dresden Dolls at the eXchange. I’m not going to attempt anything like a review, maybe Elvis Chimney will do one, but I will say that it was a fantastic gig, I’m really glad I went. They’re coming back in August (presumably for T on the Fringe) and I’d encourage everyone to give them a go then. The support act DeVotchKa were great too, I’m not sure how to describe them so just hop on to their myspace page and have a listen.

The venue itself was interesting, it’s part of Marcos Leisure Center and it seems to be where they used to have all the pool tables (and where we held the company pool tournament many years ago). I dunno if they convert the area or if it’s a permanent venue now but it’s a nice size and has a nice feel to it. Not so sure about the condensation dripping from the pipes in the roof but I guess that gives the place a bit of charm.

Finally, in case you need some distraction until I get round to posting again, try Lightning Pool.

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