Quiet Few Weeks

It’s been a quiet few weeks on UnorthodoxY, which is strange since it’s not been such a quiet couple of weeks for me. I’ve held off on some posts partly to see how a few things turned out and also because I’m not very good at posting stuff about me. I’m going to take the time to do a bit of a ‘me’ post, some waffle written after a few bottles of Leffe. But posted the following day, ‘cos I know better than to post stuff drunk. 😉

Starting with something that would’ve annoyed me last week: Regina Spektor has been added to the line up for T in the Park. This would have annoyed me but luck smiled on me before I heard that news and it looks like I’ll be getting a ticket after all. A big bucket of thanks to everyone involved with that.

The major change over the last couple of weeks is that I no longer share the flat with just the pixies. I’ve got a flatmate for a couple of months, something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, I just didn’t expect it to actually happen quite so suddenly. This isn’t a bad thing, but it has been a bit of a revelation for me, the flat is sparkling — and not by my hand — it’s quite eye opening just how clean the place can be, I guess you just get used how things are.

And speaking of getting used to things, work has made me realise just how much better my current job is that my last one. Without going into too much detail it’s fair to say that not everything’s gone perfectly at work this week. Now I can imagine the reaction of my previous boss to this, there would’ve been swearing, stomping around and probably storming out in disgust. In contrast at this job, there’s been more bemusement than blame and more action than anger. It’s times like this you wonder which scenario is the more common in the industry, and it also makes me very glad I’ve lucked into the job I’m in.

All in all it’s been a couple of weeks of good luck, big changes and a general feeling that whatever happens it could all easily have been a hell of a lot worse. Pretty good all round: everything’s coming up SpaceDog.

Here’s a parting bit of wisdom for you all, and I hope your weeks have all been good too.

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