Google Goodness

Hmmm, no real substance over the weekend, more links then …

Last week I said:

Thinking about it it’d be nice if GMail allowed people to plug-in new sidebar content where the Chat / Labels / Invite boxes are … There’s probably a way to do it … using something like GreaseMonkey

Turns out there is, there’s a To Do list GreaseMonkey script for Google Calendar. It only stored the data locally at the moment, so it doesn’t work across computers, but it’s just a matter of finding somewhere sensible to store things.

I also found a script that puts an agenda thingy built from your Calendar into the GMail sidebar. This led to me discovering Google Bookmarks which I’d never noticed before, dunno if it’s new or not. This is great since I permanently have a mail with a list of links stuck in my drafts folder in GMail, this is much neater.

Neither script is perfect but both look fairly easy to understand so I could easily use them as templates to hack other things together. I found another site looks at unused code in Calendar and it looks like an integrated task list might be on the horizon (can’t find the link, should’ve bookmarked it 🙂 ). Edit: Found the link:

Of course between the Calendar, Mail, Bookmarks and Analytics Google knows more about me than I do. Good thing I’m not paranoid.

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