A few links …

Google have released Google Calendar which seems about what you’d expect from Google. The bonus, and probably the reason I’ll use it, will be the integration into GMail. I’m disappointed they haven’t added a min-calendar to the sidebar in GMail yet. Now if there was some sort of useful on-line To Do list thing that I could integrate into GMail too then I’d be sorted — or I could just keep sending mail to myself.

Speaking of To Do lists, another neat little blog is collecting them.

Thinking about it it’d be nice if GMail allowed people to plug-in new sidebar content where the Chat / Labels / Invite boxes are. Or at least let make it a bit more customisable, I’d rather have a calendar than a chat box. There’s probably a way to do it in Firefox using something like GreaseMonkey, there’s already a few GMail hacks out there. And there’s this Google Dark hack, which is great (if pointless).

Finally, if you need more distraction, here’s what happens when you let grown-ups get carried away with their marble madness sets. Enjoy.

Nod to the UnorthodoxY Moron for some of the links in this blatant filler post.

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