Resisting Technology

In a previous post I mentioned I was trying out an online calendar, and whilst it’s useful I find it very hard to abandon the old fashioned paper approach for some things.

I like to write my to do lists on paper. The very act of writing shows that you’ve accomplished something and you’re that little bit closer to doing everything on the list, after all every journey begins with a single step. Sometimes that step is enough to calm my not-doing-anything guilt for an entire weekend. There’s something very satisfying about being able to touch the list, scribble over it, move it around, get coffee stains on it and then hide it under a book safe in the knowledge that you’ve done something that day.

I like paper calendars too. I like to have a year in front of me, all on one page so I can see what’s happened and what’s coming up. I like to mark off days as they pass, so I can see the passage of time. This has a downside to it, having a year on a fairly small page means there’s not much space to write details for upcoming events. So I resort to symbols and abbreviations, this has it’s own set of problems.

What’s coming up ? Ah, ‘sd’ ? What’s that then ? Smoked Duck ? Scooby Doo ? Sultry Dandelions ?

I have no idea, but it’s in two weeks time, I’ll have to work out what it means before then.

I’ll add it to my to do list …

One Response to “Resisting Technology”

  1. Marco Says:

    Sun Dance. – you have to do it to make the weather nice for my holiday. I put it in your calendar for you.