I live alone. Apart from the pixies. I’ve never seen them, they’re too tricky for that, but I know they’re there. They might not be pixies, but I prefer the thought of pixies to gnomes or gremlins.

Mostly they move stuff around, just little things to remind me that they’re about.

Last year they kicked it up a notch and hid my passport. Then, after I’d spent a week searching for it and finally caved and sent for a new one, they put it back in it’s normal place. Right in plain sight on the shelf. Taunting me with their cleverness.

This year they’ve made off with my credit card, but I’m wise to them I’m going to pretend I’m not bothered and they’ll get bored and put it back.

Then I’m going to set up a pixie trap and bait it with my keys.

One Response to “Pixies”

  1. Geezer Says:

    Having worked with Col for a year and a half I am not at all surprised by this blog, in fact, it explains an awful lot.