Feeds are borked

For some reason Bloglines isn’t picking up changes on any of the RSS feeds for the site, which is weird. Something else for the to do list I guess.

2 Responses to “Feeds are borked”

  1. SpaceDog Says:

    Hmmm, or maybe not, it might just take ages to update. Some of the feed links are broken and others aren’t. Odd.

    I’ll see which ones work best over the course of today and change all the links to use them for the moment.

  2. cosmichound Says:

    Well, the main page rss ‘Entries’ link now works as does the bloglines button. Dunno if the comments feeds also work.

    I’ve no idea why it didn’t work before, probably a screw up in the site settings mapping the old link to the real page. For now just links to the real page, if I ever work out what was wrong I’ll fix it.