So my fridge/freeze broke over Christmas while I was away visiting the folks. So I lived without a fridge or freezer for ten days and adapted without much trouble. Sure I suddenly appreciated living in a city and being able to nip into a shop on my way home from work. I also discovered that, prevented from my normal habit of bunging all the extra in the freezer, I did a lot more with the food I did buy. I’m adaptable, I thought, excellent. The feeling didn’t last …

The same day the new fridge / freezer arrived my TV broke. No problem, I thought — I’m getting a new TV in a few days anyway, I’ll put on some music, read a book, get some other stuff done. After only a few hours without TV I’m pacing the flat digging out the assorted cables and stuff I need to wire up my computer to the cable box so it acts as a substitute TV.

So, ten days without no fridge or freezer? No problem. Ten hours without a TV? No chance. There’s something deeply wrong with that.

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