Google: Music and Video …

Searching for some stuff on Google the other day I discovered they’ve added another nifty feature. Search for an popular artist name and you now get a cool little discography page. For example, The Who, which is what I was searching for after the strong rumours that they’re playing T In The Park this year.

And, for those of you that haven’t already found most of these on some other site, or been sent ’em by e-mail: This years Super Bowl Ads from Google Video.

One Response to “Google: Music and Video …”

  1. Iain Mackenzie Says:


    I am distressed to hear that in the long period since I saw you last your fridge has broken down.

    It’s obviously been an eventful period.

    What the hell are you up to.

    I ran into Rob H at the G8 summit and he claimed you thought I was lying in a ditch somewhere.

    True this is an ambition of mine, but I’m not there yet. (although I am living in rural Fife which is not far off).

    Drop me a line.


    P.S. put your e-mail address on your website